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15 Responses for "SAMSUNG vs LG SMART TV"

  1. Даниил Костицин says:

    Русский :)

  2. Valentin Gunko says:

    сажо бобо самжи раджо узоль бума у кваква ейжди буда самсуда

  3. Tek Legion says:

    English! Please!

  4. ztelink says:

    hahahah Mas claro ni el agua xD

  5. Fahad Alharby says:

    Both of them are great.

  6. jodyconesss says:

    That's all picture settings. Samsung actually have better color

  7. Jayson Or says:

    i noticed on samsung tv is more crisper and more vivid than LG, But Lg has better color, hard to choose, both tvs are awesome

  8. RaMr Mc says:

    chan chen ching cheng chang chung chenh changggg!!!! lol chan cheeeeng chong ching

  9. Evgeniy Pol says:

    LG!!!! FOREVER!!

  10. lucas rodrigues says:

    claro que lg

  11. qassim abdlha says:


  12. palenov007 says:


  13. طاسة لبن says:

    if u want nice hd chos samsung and if u want best d3 chos lg

  14. fox44619 says:

    last comment xD

  15. mateusz gryglak says:

    First comment lol

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